You Have bad credit and can\'t get an apartment. We are setting up Tours Mon-Fri 9am-4pm
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** PRESTIGE REALTY** APARTMENT LOCATORS** ** APARTMENT FINDERS ** *Images shown are example of properties we work with. Issues we can potentially work with: Bankrupt Discharged? Bad Credit ? Low Credit/ Score? Paid in Cash? Felony Misdemeanor? Studios 1 2 & 3 bedroom? Rental Debt, Broken Lease Eviction, Or Judgment? Studios around 600s 1 bedrooms around 700s 2 bedrooms around 900s 3 bedrooms around 1300s Call/ Text us or fill out your survey sheet @ 13041 N 35th ave, Suite C1, Phoenix, AZ 85029 (Crossroads 35th ave Thunderbird) Office # Landline: Call us ================> 602-824-9178 After hours/text: Text us =================> 602-350-6949 NOT WORKING WITH RENTAL DEBTS UNDER A YEAR
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